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How We Make Money

With our goal being to bring you the very best site reviews online, we have to make some sort of income. We make money in two ways:

  • Referral Links – Many referral links are placed throughout our website. When clicking on those links, we receive a commission for every purchase you make on that site. Essentially, we get paid a portion of their profits for bringing them leads (you; the buyer).

This money making method is our only source of income. You can browse our site without paying us any money. We only make money when we redirect you to another site’s services or products and you end up paying for them.

How We Choose Which  Websites to Promote

At CamsDude, we list the best sites for various online cam sites. Each list of 3 sites is created using our unique answers calculation  system.

We rank sites by combining the following information:

  • Reputation
  • Click-through rate
  • Traffic volume
  • Online models availability
  • User experience
  • Pricing
  • Earnings
  • Popularity
  • Unique features
  • Technologies