AdultFriendFinder: A Comprehensive Brand Review

Is AdultFriendFinder Real?

AdultFriendFinder One of the most popular websites for locating online hookup dating. On there you'll get frequent hookups, and practically anything else somewhat connected to sex. It's paradise for those looking for a good time without filters, but hell for those who wouldn't be caught dead clicking on a "There are hot singles in your area" ad. It's always convenient to carry jerk-off influencer material about, even if you're not planning on utilising it for actual sex. You can watch live streams, join niche group chat rooms, and locate someone on adult friend finder to sext with via message or video chat and hookup in real life.

Our Adultfrindfinder reviews will answer your major questions. Is adultfriend finder real? How good is adultfriend finder?

Good for

  • those seeking friends with benefits and casual sex
  • singles seeking to have more sex without worrying about falling in love
  • mature, inquisitive adults who don't mind hooking up with strangers online
  • Additionally beneficial for individuals looking for gang bang opportunities, threesomes, and hot solo sex partners

AdultFriendFinder Pros

  • Millions of people use it.
  • round-the-clock customer assistance
  • It costs nothing to register.
  • The premium cost is reasonable.
  • Quirks, fetishes, and alternative lifestyles are all welcome.
  • People are quite ready and willing to get together.
  • No matter where you are, there are a lot of locals around because of the large user base.
  • You will always find someone who wants to hang out right away.
  • You can use your mobile device to experience the mobile app version.

AdultFriendFinder Cons

  • Site has bots, dormant accounts, and fake profiles.
  • does not make use of a pairing algorithm based on information
  • It's challenging to terminate a premium subscription and unsubscribe
  • Too many features

Login/ Registration

Easy sign up process. Click the sign up option on the app or website. You'll need to enter your zip code and country of residence, verify your age, and then provide your email address and password. You'll be able to access AFF's free user experience as soon as your email is verified. You're good to go.

Member Structure

AdultFriendFinder rose to top as the best social networking site of choice for men, women and couples because of its open concentration on mature and sexual content. Adult guys looking for girls or hooking up with couples are a major demographic on the site.

With gays and bisexuals included, the percentage is close to 80% male and just over 20% female in their prime. All the same, there's a good opportunity for everyone to meet a compatible sexual partner because most, if not all of the members, are willing to try new things. The site's users are highly engaging, and they take pleasure in exchanging likes and comments with one another. You may see fresh content from members all around the world virtually every minute if you visit its homepage. Watch out for possible scams and bots on the site. There are some reports from members that claim to have received messages from them.

Is AdultFinder Membership Free?

There is an option for free membership but quite honestly signing up for a free membership won't allow you to link up with anyone. There are still plenty of things you can do, though, because AdultFriendFinder is so much more than just a hookup website.

You can view live sex cam females or join adult chat rooms, for example. Please be aware that some of AdultFriendFinder's "extra features" will take you to another website.

You'll be able to send and receive messages as a free member in addition to getting a good feel of the site. Discover who is online, who lives close by, and who some of AdultFriendFinder's sexiest users are. You can further refine your search by using the gender and age filters, and you can obtain comprehensive information from each person's profile.

Remember the following to make the most of AdultFriendFinder:

  • Look Out For Scammers: People that are after your money or personal information will always be present on the Internet. When you are most vulnerable, such as when you're looking for a hookup, they will try to take advantage of you. Never provide personal information on AdultFriendFinder to anyone.
  • Beware Of Bots: The truth is that AdultFriendFinder's free membership contains a large number of bots. Though they are simple to spot, you should avoid them. They are a complete time waster.
  • Ditch Dead Profiles: Abandoned or inactive profiles are considered dead profiles. Remember that when you're looking for a hottie, AdultFriendFinder isn't very adept at weeding these out.
  • Ignore The Ads: Ads can be seen on AdultFriendFinder. You'll navigate the website easily if you ignore and don't click on them!
  • Know What You Want: You're in excellent hands if all you're looking for on AdultFriendFinder is a hookup. AdultFriendFinder's speciality is connecting two lustful people! The site has so many users that it's as simple as snatching candy from a baby to locate a lover, companion, or quickie partner.
  • Educate Yourself On Catfishes: Every day, a huge number of people visit AdultFriendFinder. There's no reliable way to tell who is or isn't catfishing you. To the best of its ability, AdultFriendFinder asks for photo verification. However, humans are intelligent. It is possible to make someone appear far more attractive than they actually are by using photoshop or outright stealing images. To be honest, not every user of AdultFriendFinder is a supermodel, so beware of scammers. They are common on nearly all hookup apps and dating websites. Be careful also, since these kinds of adult websites have the ability to employ their own employees to pose as local models. This is an additional type of scam. AdultFriendFinder has a history of doing this, but now they are no longer required due to their large user base.
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Membership Pricing

Membership Lenth Price
1 Month $27.95/mo
6 Months $20.95/mo
12 Months $14.95/mo

AdultFriendFinder can be quite costly, especially when you want to make use of all its features. Some of its most important messaging features, like viewing full profiles, sending and reading messages, adding friends, and using chat are only available for those who have an active subscription. There are three premium options available on the website that might be suitable for you. You have the option of choosing a monthly, yearly, or three-month membership if you intend to upgrade your account. You can pay with a credit card, direct debit, or a mobile device.

To improve your online dating experience, you can purchase "Standard Contacts" as an add-on when you purchase a Gold Membership. Members without a premium membership can message you directly with Standard Contacts.

Try AdultFriendFinder

Free Features

  • Like photos and videos
  • Create a Hotlist
  • Join blogs and groups
  • Comment on blogs and photos
  • Watch uploaded videos on the homepage
  • Use search filters

Premium Features

  • View full profiles
  • Send gifts
  • Add friends
  • Send messages
  • Read Messages
  • Use Chat
  • Watch members on a live stream
  • Flirting
  • Sex Academy

Special Features

AdultFriend Finder may be the right website for you if you're searching for a lot of entertaining activities. Its members can communicate in a variety of ways depending on their needs

Live Member Webcams

You may watch members who are online and streaming to the public with this tool. Either visit the homepage to see who's live, or navigate to the "Live Action" menu item and click on "Live Broadcasters Webcams."

Groups and Adult Chatrooms

Adult Friend Finder offers a room if you're seeking for open chat rooms where you may talk openly about your sexual preferences. Anyone may sign up for free to join any of the thousands of adult chat rooms and groups on the website. If you believe you won't be able to locate a room for a particular topic, you can also start your own group or room.

Blogs and Magazine

Every member is able to oversee their blogs and add content to the website magazine. This acts as a public online journal that anybody can read and leave comments on.

Sex Academy

As implied by the name, the sex academy offers advice on meeting people online, oral and anal sex, and more through online educational films. Only members who have paid for their membership can access this function, which may come with additional costs.


Everyone is welcome to enter the themed competitions held by AdultFriend Finder. Frequently, these entries take the form of images or videos. Who received the most votes or likes determines the winner or winners.

Erotic Stories

Compiled sexual stories from the site's global members are shown on this page. These tales could be made up, or they could be based on genuine events. Some of the items on this page are just the continuation of earlier contributions by writers who are working on a short erotic book in some capacity.


By clicking the wink emoji on someone's profile summary, you can start a subtle flirtation with them to express your interest in getting to know them. Nevertheless, only members who have paid can use flirting. Standard members cannot reply to flirtations; they will only be alerted when someone does.


You can add new couples or your favourite people to your hotlist so you can locate them quickly. All members can use this service for free.

Send Gifts

You can also be the kind of person that enjoys giving gifts to other people on AdultFriendFinder. Send your favourite friends virtual gifts. You can select presents that fit comfortably within your means.

Advice - You can tip a member if you really enjoy their content or if you just think they're awesome. People are encouraged to continue sharing and contributing to the community by this.

Live streaming

Take part in a sensual livestreaming session on the platform with other members. Not only can you broadcast your own camera, but you can watch them for free!


Use the blogs and groups tools of AdultFriendFinder to discuss any topic, whether or not it is sexy. They are free for your usage.

Is AdultFriendFinder worth it?

AdultFriendFinder is your key to immediate contact if you're sick and tired of the slow-moving, snail-paced dating experience on conventional dating sites. All you need to register is an email address, a username, a password, and an introduction. It just takes 30 seconds. Without adding any juicy details, your notifications will start to come in. However, it's usually best to add a few photos and a thorough description — both to increase your chances of flirting or meeting someone who shares a highly specific fantasy and to let other users know that you're not a bot.

Is AdultFriendFinder Safe?

A significant data breach at AdultFriendFinder caused significant problems back in 2015. Since then, they have put in place some of the greatest security systems available, and since that 2015 incident, there have been no privacy or security problems. In fact, AdultFriendFinder has taken great care to establish itself as one of the safest and high-rating hookup sites on the internet by putting the most advanced encryption mechanisms in place, in response to the stress caused by the 2015 hack.

AdultFriendFinder app

  • An application is available for free.
  • The application can work with both Apple and Android smartphones.
  • FriendFinder Network sites make use of a single app.
  • The app allows you to watch live feeds.
  • The app has nearly all of the functionality included in the desktop version.


The truth is that no hookup site is flawless. Not quite, but AdultFriendFinder is getting there. Not all users are smoke displays, and there are some bots and advertisements. But the reason AdultFriendFinder is among the top hookup apps is that it's effective! It's also really simple and quick.

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