Only Flirts: A Comprehensive Brand Review

Based on the hugely popular OnlyFans, has a UI and matching white and blue signup page. The majority of the website's member traffic comes from the United States, suggesting that its popularity is global. As one might expect, the bulk of their active users are men and women in their mid-20s to early-30s.

Only Flirts Review: Everything you need to know about this hookup site, 2024

The number of new users on the website has increased significantly over the last three months, with Only-Flirts securing an incredible 400,000 extra visitors in October 2022. The website is starting to gain popularity, and our goal is to determine whether the site lives up to the hype. This is what we discovered with our Only flirt review..OnlyFlirts Pros

  • There is an Offer for unrestricted messaging for 24 hours
  • Many options for naughty stickers
  • Various methods to communicate with other users on the website
  • Can tell who views your profile

OnlyFlirts Cons

  • Prices are slightly higher than those of their rivals.
  • There are accounts without profile pictures.
  • No mobile app

Site Overview

For those who are constantly on the go and want a wild evening of flirty fun or a fling, Only-Flirts was created for you. This is a modern dating site that uses browser-based technology and looks excellent on all devices.

Registration/ Login Process

The Only-Flirt registration process even goes so far as to request the absolute minimum of data in order to enable you to use the website. You will need to enter your email address, date of birth, gender and gender of interest, country and location (city or town), username and password in order to create your own Only Flirt account.

Upon registering, the website offers you two complimentary messages. As you proceed to finish your profile, you can obtain an additional eight messages. Sending messages on Only-Flirts needs you to verify your email address; after doing so, you will receive two further messages at no cost. There are five sections total for profile completion:

  • Profile picture
  • Gallery pictures
  • “About Me” Text
  • General information (outer appearance, drinking habit, living arrangements, etc.)
  • Interests (Exclusively sexual)

Features On Only Flirts

1. Unique Stickers

One thing you may have noticed right away from their signup page is that only has stickers created just for the website. When compared to the standard emojis available on most other dating services, we thought this group of people was very distinctive.

They have the standard "Hello" and "Goodbye" ones on their list, of course, but we've also uncovered some naughtier ones with compromising poses and vulgar language. As a free user, you can utilise their standard text stickers, which include two featuring a muscular man as the primary subject and one with a lovely little blonde cupid. Additionally, there is a little list appropriately named "TALK DIRTY" that contains the more... spicy ones you can use during private chat.

But the fun with stickers doesn't stop there. You may also unlock their "GREEK MYTHOLOGY" stickers, which come in a collection of over 40 stickers, for the incredibly low sum of £0.99. These primarily feature the Olympian Gods in sensual settings and personal encounters.

2. Pins & Viewed Me

There are two excellent ways on alone to communicate with other possible matches without having to message them directly. The first, and maybe most significant, feature is "Pins," which lets you keep users in a list under the main menu and access their profiles at a later date.

To see who you've left an impression on, you can also see who has pinned your own profile. A similar feature lets you locate users on the site who are more likely to reply to your messages and who you think could be interested in you: the "Viewed Me" option. Your profile will increase the likelihood that visitors will reply as well.

Prices & Costs Of

The "GREEK MYTHOLOGY" stickers have already been discussed, but Only Flirts also has a number of other similarly inexpensive deals that we thought were worthwhile. The "Promotion" profile, which places your profile at the top of the members' section for the following 24 hours, is undoubtedly one you should  utilize. Considering that you just need to spend £1.69 to receive it, that's a really amazing offer. If you're timid, it will undoubtedly help you get approached more frequently.

However, their messaging functions like a coin. This means that each time a user sends out a message, they must purchase a certain quantity of coins as in-site currency. Each user receives the equivalent of two messages upon registration and by completing their profile they can get a total of 8 additional ones.

But ten messages isn't really enough to maintain a discussion, so here's our analysis of their coin packages:

  • One-time deal
  • Introduction pavkage
  • Basic package
  • Standard package
  • Premium plan
  • Ultimate package

We were pleasantly surprised that new members of the site get to try out the product without having to burn a hole through their pockets. Their once-off offer can allow you to chat freely with as many people on the site as we could, and it was apparent that the site is filled with open-minded and sex-positive people.

Membership Lenth Price
200 Credits $10.99 (5 messages)
300 Credits $22 (7-8 messages)
900 Credits $59 (20+ messages)
2000 Credits $119 (50 messages)
6000 Credits $229 (150 messages)

Try Onlylirts

Security & Safety Of Only Flirts

1. Personal Information Collection

They go into great depth about the various ways the website will collect your personal data for its own purposes in paragraph 3 of their privacy policy. Although 3a was the standard lecture regarding the material you post publicly on your profile, 3b and 3c made us wonder. Starting with 3b, they say that whenever you visit the website as a user, pertinent data about your equipment and connection is gathered. We scoffed a little bit at the fact that they also utilise tracking "technologies" to get data when you are not even on the website.

Since paragraph 3c makes it clear that they do obtain information about the user from third parties, it also looked to be very significant. These can be users of the site, which is reasonable if someone is filing a complaint as such, but there’s also advertising networks, related companies, and even payment service providers. It's fascinating that some payment service providers might even transfer your information to an online dating service, given that you have to pay the site in order to continue using their chat feature.

2. Data Protection

Going on, paragraph 7 of Only-Flirts' privacy policy see here states that the company regularly does scans to provide your peace of mind and that the server where your information is kept is secure. They do, however, make sure to state that they are unable to ensure that there won't be any unauthorised third parties on the site who could then collect your information.

They even go so far as to say that if you don't want your private information to be seen, you should not share any information about yourself with anyone on the website. Even if they are clearly taking precautions, it can be difficult to keep personal information to yourself when meeting new individuals online. In fact, on a dating and chat service like Only Flirts, doesn't this become redundant?

Is Only Flirts Legit? Or is it a scam?

With the lowest Safety Score, poses serious issues in the dating site scene. This is a high-risk process, so we strongly advise moving forward with extreme care. It is quite likely to be a scam designed to trick users even if it functions like a real deal. It's important to use caution when using to protect your online security. You can discover through a Google search that this website has been blocked by one or more security engines due to fraudulent activities. And users who frequently use dating sites do not find it particularly popular.

Is Only Flirts worth it?

The feedback for this is onlyflirts is a contemporary, relatively new hookup dating site. Thanks to its user-friendly layout, there's a large pool of eligible guys and girls, and a location-based matching system. is a great choice for individuals who wish to browse and search for single women or women in their prime to meet up with. If you want to have a great time, this wonderful service can help you discover a partner for sex for one night. And if you're extra lucky and that's your thing, you'll get your male or female pornstar for the night. It is always preferable to try many sites at once because different sites may handle your location and search settings quite differently. Therefore, if you try carefully, it won't harm you.

With a lot of negative reviews on the site. It will be best to go there scam-proof and keep yourself safe at all times. Here are some tips to safely get the most out of the experience.

  • Use different photos for your dating profile. Using Google to perform an image search in reverse is simple. It will be simpler for someone to find you on social media if the photo on your dating profile is also the one that appears on your Facebook or Instagram accounts.
  • Avoid connecting with suspicious profiles. It might be a phoney account if the person you matched with has only uploaded one photo, linked social media accounts, and no bio. If you decide to connect with someone about whom you don't know a lot, you should exercise care.
  • Check out your potential date on social media. search up your match and make sure they aren't "catfishing" you by creating a phoney social media account for their dating profile. If you know your match's name or handles on social media, or better yet, if you have mutual connections online, search them up.
  • Block and report suspicious users. If you believe a user's profile is suspect or they have behaved inappropriately towards you, you have the option to block and report them. Often, you can do this in an anonymous manner either before or after you match. People can always lie about themselves, just like in any kind of interpersonal communication. When you sense that someone is not accurately expressing themselves, follow your gut.
  • Wait to Share Personal Information. Never divulge your personal information, such as your work or home address, credit card number, bank account information, or social security number, to someone you haven't met in person. You will never receive an email from dating apps or websites requesting your username and password; if you do, delete the message and think about reporting it.
  • Don’t Respond to Requests for Financial Help. Never reply to a request to send money, especially via wire transfer or overseas, no matter how strong and convincing the requester may seem to be making their case. Report any such requests you receive right away to the app or website you're using. Your only financial obligation to the site is your subscription.

And of course if you ever catch any of these signs early on. The wise thing to do would be to block immediately and never agree to meet.

Here are some instances of user behaviour you might want to report:

  • asks for financial support
  • Asks for pictures
  • Is a little one
  • sends insulting or abusive texts
  • Any attempts to intimidate or threaten you
  • Looks like someone made a phoney profile.
  • makes an attempt to sell you goods or services


All things considered, is a fantastic website for those looking for adult hookups and online conversation. Of course, there are some drawbacks, such as certain security regulations and their pricey package costs. But we really think that their offers, their first free texts, and their own set of rules more than make up for it.

The website is entertaining, up to date, and simple to use. It is full with people who are honest about their sexual preferences, some of whom are even actively seeking a partner. Overall, even though Only Flirts appears to be very simple, we advise trying it out for a few days. You may have discovered your next one-night romance!

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